Public Speaking in Harrogate

public speaking in harrogate

Public Speaking in Harrogate at Strictly Speaking can help you build confidence and communication and leadership skills.

Successful people in business and life are very often those individuals that have embraced and mastered the art of public speaking.

With around 74% of people fearing public speaking, it is not surprising that competent speakers are a rare breed. The few that master this oratory skill can ignite their careers or businesses.

The art of public speaking will boost performance in job interviews, sales pitches, marketing presentations, negotiations and in the art of persuasion.

This is not a complete list and whatever benefits you gain from developing your public speaking skills, you will be admired by your peers.

There are numerous books and workshops dedicated to learning the art of public speaking. Books are great as a guide but are no substitute for practice in front of a group of people.

Workshops help you develop public speaking skills in front of a group, however, they can require a large financial investment and are over after a day or so. The lessons learned are soon forgotten unless you continue to practice in front of audiences on a regular basis.

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