CTC Tea Processing

CTC tea processing

Rwandan Single Estate Gisovu Tea from Betty’s processed using the CTC method

CTC tea processing is a method of producing black tea. It is most common with producers in Africa, parts of Southern India and most of the state of Assam, Indonesia and other pockets around the world.

CTC stands for ‘crush tear curl’ which is a tea production method invented during 1930 and 1931 by William McKercher.

This processing method is used to produce strong, full-bodied teas that brew quickly and are well suited to tea bags.

In the production, the leaf is withered and passed through a series of rollers with sharpened teeth that crush, tear and curl the tea into small hard pellets.

More than 80% of the domestic Indian market is for CTC teas and in the export market, the UK and Ireland, Commonwealth Independent States and the Middle East have the most high demand.

Examples of teas produced using the CTC tea processing method are:

Single Estate Rwandan Gisovu from Africa supplied by Betty’s of Harrogate.

Kenya Kambaa from Africa supplied by Bari Tea Brewery.





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