Belvoir without the hangover

Belvoir Without the Hangover Grape Drinks

Belvoir without the hangover range of wine-like drinks first caught my attention before Christmas last year.

Belvoir without the hangover

Belvoir without the hangover Grape Drinks are totally non-alcoholic

Produced in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir in Leicestershire by Belvoir Fruit Farms these wine-like drinks tasted wonderful when I first tried them.

According to Belvoir, the Belvoir without the hangover range are made with fresh grapes bursting with Shiraz and Chardonnay notes – but they won’t give you a sore head in the morning!

The Belvoir Without the Hangover Range

The range comes in Red Shiraz, White Chardonnay and Rosé.

Belvoir Shiraz is my personal favourite to drink with a meal. Made from Shiraz grape, it has rich, intense flavours with notes of elderberry and blackcurrant and a hint of spice.

Belvoir Chardonnay is the one I’m looking forward to enjoying on a warm summer’s day. Made from Chardonnay grape juice, it is a crisp drink with peach notes and a hint of jasmine.

Belvoir Rosé is my wife’s favourite.Made from red and white grape juices it has raspberry notes and a hint of orange blossom. It is crisp and floral and slightly sparkling making it perfect to enjoy as an apéritif.

All the Belvoir without the hangover range are 100% non-alcoholic and have no preservatives, flavourings or anything artificial.

I am always on the lookout for adult type drinks that I can enjoy at home or when out socialising. Belvoir have produced a good affordable non-alcoholic wine-like range that I can drink and still feel part of the party.

With the UK leaving the EU over the next couple of years, it is good to have the option of a UK producer of wine-like drinks to select from.

I hope you try the Belvoir range yourself, they are a good option for non drinkers and drivers.

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