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Bari Tea

A Selection of Tea from the Bari Tea Brewery

Bari Tea Brewery is a café in the Castle Quarter of Alnwick, Northumberland that was established by Caroline A Stewart in 2011.

My wife and I first discovered this delightfully relaxing café the year after it opened during our last weekend break in the area in October, 2012.

It was a delight to return last weekend after nearly 5 years and sample a number of teas during our weekend break in the Alnwick area.

Bari (pronounced baa-ree) is Northumbrian for ‘lovely’ and the Bari Tea Brewery offers a selection of over 30 loose leaf teas to enjoy in the café or to buy and enjoy at home.

Whilst chatting to Caroline, the owner, manager and Maître t’, I discovered that she follows the three ‘T’s – Tea, Temperature and Time.  She sources quality loose leaf teas, she uses fresh, filtered water at the right temperature for the type of tea and she steep’s (brews) each pot for the right amount of time.

Since our previous visit just over 4 years ago, Caroline has introduced the use of American tea filters for some of the teas offered.

The tea is placed in one of the American tea filters, which are large enough to allow the tea to move within it’s pocket. After brewing for the desired time, they are removed from the tea pot to prevent the tea from stewing.

American Tea Filters

American unbleached paper filters are made from sustainably harvested American and Canadian wood pulp. As they are 100% natural, they can be put in the compost pile along with the used tea leaves as it is all bio-degradable and good for the garden!

Teas We Tasted at Bari Tea Brewery or Bought to Bring Home

Glendale (Classic South Indian Black tea)

Lover’s Leap (A lively, dry Ceylon Black tea)

Margaret’s Hope (Classic Darjeeling Black Tea from India)

Kenya Kambaa (Strong, smooth CTC Black Tea from Kenya)

Quangzhou Milk Oolong (A premium Oolong tea from China)

Ti Kuan Yin (A delicate Oolong tea from China)

Next time you are in or around Alnwick, try a proper cup of tea served and brewed in the correct way at the Bari Tea Brewery.

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